Review – Legit or Scam?

Best Writers ReviewBest writers formerly known as Elite Visitors is a revenue sharing website where you can submit articles and earn some money.

It is a revenue sharing website partnering with Google Adsense for their revenue. You earn for every view and comment your articles get.

How much money you earn depends on how many articles you have submitted, quality of the articles and the views they get. The revenue is shared in the ratio of 50% to 50%.

According to Best Writers, if your articles are of high quality and they are attracting more readers, your revenue share percentage is increased compared to what other members are earning. You can see how much you are earning per view or article on your dashboard.

How to Get Started on Best Writers are still transferring from their old domain Elite Visitors. So, everything right now is on beta and you cannot be able to register a new account. However, I am hoping they will be through with everything by the next few days.

When I browse through the website, it seems most of their registered members are from Elite Visitors and their accounts were transferred from

What You Should Know About Best Writers

I was not a member of Elite Visitors and neither I am a member of Best Writers. However, when I was doing my research on the internet, I found some members complaining one of the admin of Elite Visitors run away with the members’ cash.

This is the main reason why the website is being transferred to a new domain. I just hope this not just another cover up or another way for the current admins to exclude themselves from the blame.  Members are also complaining about changes on their earnings and views from what they had on Elite Visitors.

Is Best Writers Legit or Scam?

It’s hard to really know right now since the website is still being transferred to a new domain. Below is an excerpt taken from Best Writers website explaining what happened to Elite Visitors;

All are now apparent in BestWriters!

Former Elitevisitors was launched on 15th December 2014 with great promises. @bradjosh @rextrulovee @kisser and Ryan ( the culprit, the greedy person, the dishonest guy) started the site. And some of the old users got paid.

It was subjected to mass payment on 21st February to the users who accumulated 25$ in their account. Interestingly, Scammers always hit at the optimum time. While users were eagerly waiting for payment, were checking their Paypal repeatedly, at the same time Ryan was busy with putting all the money in his bag and running away. Even Brad, Rex and Kisser couldn’t predict what was coming.

When other admins came to know what actually happened, they have switched over to new site, .

This is the short history for raising BestWriters!

I am not sure whether this is true or not. However,  I wouldn’t advise anyone to join the site right now. It much better you wait until the site is full operational or wait for atleast a payment proof from one of their registered members.

Otherwise, you might end up wasting your precious time to only end up getting scammed. There are many more revenue sharing websites that are legitimate and are well known. You can check some of them by reading through this post.

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