AyuWage Review – Get Paid for Completing Tasks

Get Paid for Surfing the InternetAyuWage is an interesting website, which is a get paid to program. Basically, you get paid for surfing through the internet, completing short tasks, visiting other websites and surveys, among others.

They also do have a forum where you can find payment proofs, suggestions, answers and comments from other members.

How to Make Money with Ayuwage

Making money with Ayuwage is by completing any of the offers listed on their website. Immediately after registration, you can start earning money by going to start earning link.

These are some of the offers that you may find available at a particular time and how much credits you earn after completing each particular offer.

  • View Sites – Easy +2 – 4 Credits/Site
  • Regular Sites – 10-60 Credits/Site
  • Search Sites – 50-100 Credits/Site
  • Special Sites – 100-400 Credits/Site
  • Survey Sites – 500-4000 Credits/Site

To earn around 700 credits (equivalent to $0.3), you will need to complete 2 or 3 of special site tasks, which can take you less than 2 minutes to complete, if you are fast enough.

Sometimes there are no offers available. However, you can be able to know what time the offers will be available since it is indicated on the upcoming site list.

Each offer has specific instructions that you must follow and failure to do so will result to a warning. Every warning that you get expires after 24-48 hours but if you get more than 3 warnings within 24 hours, your account is suspended.


Sometimes as you surf through the sponsors sites, you can randomly receive free credits. These free credits are instantly added to your balance. There are also cash/lottery rewards that are available on the website.


  • It is easy to earn money on the website, especially if you are able to complete offers with high credits.
  • The payout balance is only $5 (10,000 Credits).
  • It is open to all countries and payment is done through Paypal or Payza.
  • They offer a chance for you to buy rented referrals and if you are able to get some good referrals, you can reach out your payout very fast.
  • There are many payment proofs on the website, which is a good sign the website is still paying.
  • Their support system is excellent and your questions will be answered within 24 hours.
  • They have a community forum where you can participate and air your concerns.


  • You need to fully concentrate and follow all the instructions to avoid getting a warning.
  • If you decide to buy referrals, there is no way you can know whether the referrals you are about to buy will be active or not. It is a win/lose situation.
  • The instructions and warning messages displayed before you can even starting completing a task may be discouraging to some people.
  • You may get discouraged since sometimes when you login, there are no offers available. You have to keep on checking every now and then. However, you can always install their tool bar to remind you when offers are available.


Ayuwage is a great website to earn some money for those people who are looking forward to making a few dollars online and have one or two hours to spare. When you register for the first time, the offers are few and pay much lesser.

However, as times goes, you will start receiving more offers with high credits. So, just do not give up after completing a few offers. If you are active enough on the website, you can be able to reach the $5 withdrawal threshold every month.

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