Amazon Mechanical Turk Review

Amazon Mechanical Turks ReviewAmazon Mechanical Turk is a program that provides its members an opportunity to perform simple tasks and get paid for completed and approved tasks.

It is an online market place for workers with a very good reputation. The tasks that workers perform are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). Workers are allowed to work from anywhere, whenever they want.

As stated on their website, Amazon Mechanical Turk was created based on the idea that, there are still many things that human beings can do much more effectively than computers, such as identifying objects in a photo or video, performing data de-duplication, transcribing audio recordings, or researching data details, among others.

How to Get Started with Amazon Mechanical Turk

The first step is to register on their website and confirm your email address. Once you are through the registration process, you can start getting access to available Hits, almost immediately.

How to Complete a HIT on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Step 1: Finding Work
You search through the Human Intelligent Tasks (HITS) and select the HIT that you would like to complete. Make sure you have taken note of any specific instructions about the job such as the expiring date, time allocation of the job and the price tag.

Step 2: Work on the HIT
The second step is to get down and start working on the HIT. Click on accept button and work on the HIT. Once you have completed the task, submit it for approval by the employer.

Step 3: Wait For Approval
The employer may approve or disapprove your HIT, depending on how you have done it and whether you have fully followed the instructions as required.

If approved, your money is deposited into your Amazon payment account and you can request for a withdrawal anytime.

Not that, Amazon Mechanical Turk does limits the number of HITs you can do on a daily basis based on a number of factors including, your performance and your account status. To increases your chances of receiving more HITS, make sure you complete any task you select on time and as specified.

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