Alternative to Google Adsense – Chitika & AdHitz

Chitika Review- Google AlternativeGoogle Adsense remains one of the most commonly used way to monetize a blog. However, with the Google strict rules on its adsense, it has become almost impossible for most bloggers to continue serving Google Adsense on their blogs.

In some cases, Adsense accounts are disabled during payment or when someone has accumulated a considerable amount of money in their accounts.

Chitika and AdHitz are the other best alternative to Google Adsense, they work the same way with Google and not as strict as Google, which means you are more assured you will be paid your money.

In addition, the payment threshold is only $10 unlike Google Adsense where you need to have accumulated atleast $100 before you can request for a withdrawal.

Chitika ads are also compatible with Googge Adsense. You can run Chitika ads and Google ads at the same page/blog but you cannot run AdHitz ads together with Google Adsense.

This is because Chitika ads are much more different in appearance than Google Adsense while AdHitz ads are similar in appearance to Google Adsense, making them impossible to run on together.

How to Register with Chitika 

First, you need to have a blog or a website, then go to Chitika Website and register with them. After registration, it takes around 3 to 7 days for them to approve your account. Once your account is approved, you can now login to Chitika Website and copy paste the code.

Go to your blog and paste the script code whenever you want the ads to appear. The best area to place the code is either on the blog’s side bars or on top of blog posts in order for you to increase the CTR.

How to Register with AdHitz

Go to their website and register.  Add your website, set your Ad rates, zones and types (image or text Ads), generate a code and save the settings. Copy and paste the code in your blog wherever you want the ads to display.

How to Earn with Chitika or AdHitz

Earning money with Chitika or AdHitz is similar to Google Adsense. Your earning is based on the total number of visitors who click on the ads found on your blog.

Basically, you will earn some money every time a person visits your blog and clicks on the ads, based on the agreed CPC (cost per click) of that particular ad.

Chitika also does offer a referral program whereby, you can refer a new member to their website and earn a small commission from what they make.

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