Adhitz Review – CPC Advertising Network

Adhitz-ReviewIf you are a new blogger looking for an alternative CPC (cost per click) Ads or contextual ads network to monetize your blog, then you should take a closer look at Adhitz.

Adhitz is a PPC ad network for publishers as well as advertisers but unlike most other PPC networks where the cost per click varies or depends on how much money an advertiser is willing to pay. In Adhitz, you are paid a fixed rate unless one of your ad spot is sold to an advertiser.

Making money with Adhitz is very easy since there is no specific site requirement and anyone is free to register on website. There are two ways for publishers to earn money from Adhitz;

  • Site Specific Ads
  • Networks Ads

Site Specific Ads

With site specific ads, the advertiser selects the website or publisher where he or she wants his ads to be displayed and not on the whole network of websites. The publisher sets the ad rates and earns 70% of the revenue generated from that advertiser.

Networks Ads

These kinds of ads are called “filler” and are displayed whenever they are available. The advertisers pay a flat rate between $0.03 and $0.12 per valid click. The publisher then gets 70% of the revenue generated by the ads. The value of the click and how much money a publisher earns is determined by the country where the click originates.

Adhitz CPC Rates

Here is a screen shot of the Adhitz CPC rates charged to the advertisers. Publishers earn 70% of the shown rates.

Adhitz Pay Per Click Chart

How to Generate Adhitz Code to Add to Your Blog

After registration, click on publisher tab and follow the following steps or as indicated.

  • Add your website or blog details. You only add a blog or a website URL that you own. You cannot add a website that you cannot be able to edit (add html code) or any other site that you cannot access fully. AdHitz also does not allow websites containing illegal downloads, pirated software, movies, etc.
  • Set your ads rate and all other details needed. Choose the type of ad you want. You can choose either text ads or image ads.
  • The next step is to generate the code to use on your blog. Select the color, layout. Preview your ad. If you like the preview, click on Save Settings. Copy and paste the code to your blog.
  • My Soldadverts is only applicable if there are advertisers who have specifically chosen to advertise on your blog or website. One advantage of displaying soldaverts (site specific ads) is that, you CPC tends to be much higher than when using networks ads.
  • The final step (my websites stats) involves monitoring your earnings and your website status. You can find your daily pageviews, clicks, earnings and any other related information on this page.

Adhitz Payment

Payment are done through Payza or Paypal once your account reaches the minimum payout balance. The minimum payable Payza balance is $50 (fee $1.50) and Paypal is $25 (fee $1.50). Payments are sent once a month on or before the 10th of each month.


Adhitz is a great alternative CPC network. However, it seems most of the advertisers registered with Adhitz deal with money making programs and unless your blog is about money or financial, the ads will appear irrelevant and unrelated to the contents.

In addition, the CPC rate is also low compared to other ads network like Google Adsense. Other than that, Adhitz could be another good alternative especially for new bloggers since there are no specific site requirements needed.

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