Review – Making Money with Shortened URL is a URL shortener service that pay you for sharing links on the internet while using their shortened URL. Basically, you will get paid for every person that visits your link.

You can also use to shorten your links to post on Twitter, Social forums, other social networks or even your own websites.

How to Make Money with

Making money with is easy, no pre-requirements are needed and it is open to international members. You only need to register on their website and you can immediately start using their service.

This is how you make money with When someone clicks on the shortened URL or your link, there is an advertisement that will appear first for a few seconds before being re-directed to the actual website or the URL destination through the use of “skip ad”.

In return, you will get paid as agreed on cost per click or cost per view basis. Your total earnings depend on the total number of views your links generate and geographical region where your page views or clicks are originating. average CPV (cost per view) payment rate is divided into unique and raw views. The unique CPV refers to amount paid per 1000 visitors who visit the link within 24 hours and click on more than one link (multiple links).

Raw refers to the average amount paid on the 1st advertisement for 1000 links viewed within 24 hours period.

Views from USA are the most highly paid averaging $9.22 for unique CPV per 1000 , $3.96 for Raw CPV on interstitials (full page ads). On top banner, the unique pay rate is $0.72 per 1000 CPM and $0.52 for Raw per 1000 CPM. Canada, United Kingdom and Australia are the next among the highest paid.

The rate for other countries differ, ranging in between $2. 54 for unique CPV, $1.31 for Raw CPV on interstitials (full page ads). Top banner $0.16 and $0.10 respectively (unique and raw CPM). The lowest can be up to $0.03.

For Kenyan rates, unique interstitials (full page ads) rate by time of writing this review is  $1.07 and $0.57 respectively (unique and raw CPM) and the top banner $0.16 and $0.11 respectively (unique and raw CPM).

These rates are usually not fixed and they differ each other day.  It also depends on what type of ads your link generates. On average, a full page ad can be paid up to $3 per 1000 views while other smaller ads like banners (shown on top of the page on the same page with an advert) can be paid $2 per 1000 view, depending on the region.

Conclusion URL shortener won’t make you rich but you could make a few dollar using their service. The total amount of money you earn depends on how much traffic you are able to generate using the shortened links and where it is originating from.

If you are able to get high traffic or traffic from highly paying geographical areas, you can definitely make some money.

The payment is made every time your balance reaches $5.00, which is paid through Paypal or Payoneer.

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