6 Things to Include in Your Product and Service Reviews

6 things to include in a product reviewI have written a previous post on how to write a product comparison report. You can read it here. In this post, I am going to summarize the 6  things that you must include in your product or service review.

Writing a product review is slightly different from writing a product comparison report review. Though both of them are meant to promote a certain product or service, however, the way they are written differs in certain ways.

The following is a list of 6 things that you must include in your product/service review.

1.  Describe Your Product/Service
First, you will need to start by writing a short description of the service or product you are reviewing. If you are reviewing a new product or something you have not yet used, you can always search for more information about that particular product on the internet or read reviews from other people who have used the product.

Do not also forget to get some screen shots of the product or service you are reviewing and save them in your computer. You will need them later on to attach to your review.

2.  Point out What Makes this Product/Service Different from Others
Here you enumerate why the product or service you are reviewing is different from other same products in the market. Use bulletins or numbers to emphasize the difference.

3. Comparison
Compare whatever you are reviewing with other companies offering the same product. Basically, search for the main competitors and write about the products they are offering, which is similar to what you are reviewing. Then, highlights the differences in your product from the products of the leading marketers.

4.  Price
Compare the price of the product or service you are reviewing among the rival competitors. Use a table to give a detailed comparison report, include shipping fee, if any and any other important information about pricing.

5.  Reviews
Get some 2 or 3 sample of reviews or ratings done for this product and copy and paste them in the product review page. Let people know what others are saying about that particular product you are reviewing in their own words. You can also insert a link that will direct them to the reviewer page of other customers.

6. Recommendation
Summarize your review by giving a recommendation or by rating the product you are reviewing. Do you recommend this product to anyone and to what age group or gender is this product or service suitable for? Who are the main consumers who can benefit most from using this product or service.

Lastly, if you are reviewing an affiliate product and you would like to get paid a commission whenever someone purchases the product or service you are reviewing, do not forget to include a link to the homepage of the website or product you are reviewing for easy access for those who may be interested in purchasing the product.

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