10 Lucrative Products & Services to Sell Kenya

10 Lucrative Products $ Services to Sell to KenyansDevelopment of Communication and Information Technology (ICT) is a major boost to the economy of Kenya and currently, Kenyans are among the most active internet users in Africa.

Kenyans have taken on the online platform to empower themselves through exchange of goods and services.

Mostly, university graduates lack adequate employment opportunity within the country. The option of online marketing came in handy as hundreds of thousands of the population do business online. This article samples the top 10 Lucrative Products & Services to Sell to Kenyans.

Products & Services to Sell

Technology upsurge created demand for communication gadgets, such as;

1. Smartphones and Tablets. Cell phone users has increased to over 30 million in recent times. With the increase of internet users and and the laying down of fiber optic cables to boost data exchange speed, expect more Kenyans to buy smartphones and tablets for bulk online exchange of information.

2. Computers: Desktop and Laptop. Both government offices and private entities continue to upgrade their offices with computers hence, demand for the products. An example is the government creation of ‘Huduma Center’ where individuals can access government services online.

3. Fashion Products: The growth in entertainment industry in Kenya has caused ripple effect. In less than a decade, the music industry, stand up comedy, dance competitions, and creation of local TV programs has caused increase in demand for fashion items like shoes, smart watches, trendy clothes, and jewelry.

4. Cosmetics: Cosmetic products also complement the fashion products above in the market. Some of the products are unavailable in the local market. Users therefore ship some of these products from abroad.

5. Foreign Currency Exchange (USD and Sterling Pound): Another area where Kenyan investors make money is online betting in sports. The new trend that began last year continues to grow in 2015. The online sports betting was popularized by a local gaming site for both local and international games.

This sport betting has now extended to the international scene where bets are accepted in foreign currencies only. The opportunity has created demand for the USD and sterling dollar.

Products & Services to Buy

6. Online Marketing: Social media, content marketing, and SEO. Technology advancement across the globe has resulted to alternative cheap marketing options for businesses. Business organizations have now turned to online marketing strategies like SEO, content creation, and use of online social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Kenyans actively sell their marketing services to these firms.

7. IT Services: Website design, website development, and web maintenance; qualified experts from local and international universities and colleges take advantage of available opportunities to export their services through virtual offices.

8. Writing Services: Academic papers, article writing, and other online publications. This is another area where most young professionals make money. Even though it is quite a lucrative way of making money, unqualified Kenyans are barred from this window of opportunity.

9. Real State: Real estate business is in its pick in Kenya. There are opportunities available online where interested parties can view, assess, and purchase property in the uptown markets.

10. Curios and Handicrafts. Tourists who visit Kenya appreciate cultural items worn by the Maasai. These products are exported to overseas countries for gift presentation and for keeping as souvenirs.

Lastly, the 10 Lucrative Products & Services to Sell to Kenyans listed on this article have been fundamental in steering the economy of the Kenya as a country and present future opportunity to boost the foreign exchange reserves.

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