10 Food Kenyan Business Ideas to Turn into Business

Food Business Ideas for KenyansOver the last few years, many entrepreneurs in Kenya have been looking for business ventures to invest in. Fortunately, this has come at a time when food businesses have been booming in Kenya with high profits being realized from the following food business ideas.

1.  Cake Decorating

The nice, unique cakes designs made by highly skilled cake bakers has tremendously increased the number of interested customers because of their attractive shapes.

This is basically because many customer prefer to see creativity in the cakes designed for different events such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations rather than the old styled cakes designs that lacked alot of creativity.

2. Dietary Foods

As the world people try to get healthier, Kenyan is not being left behind and many people are learning the benefits of losing their body weights. Venturing in weight related business is a very rewarding opportunity that will not only motivate you to start the business of weight loss products but will also boost your earnings quickly due to the high number of clients.

3.  Acquire a Van for Distributing Foods

This business idea has the ability to generate a lot of income, if you as the owner decides to directly produce and distribute your own products. These can include products such as vegetables, potatoes and even animals such as poultry, pigs and rabbits for wholesale.

4.  Fast Foods

In Kenya, this is a business niche that is yet to be fully tapped. When starting this business, the capital requirement is usually not so high and the corresponding profits can be very high.

5. Restaurant

For a beginner, starting a restaurant might be a tough way to go but if you can be able to do it in an economic hub centre, it could generate a lot of income, especially if it is located in a relatively big town or a tourist site. Serving local and international dishes would give you an upper hand and definitely higher profits.

6. Food Stands or Food Carts

Basically, the idea of food stands was developed and mooted by the Kenyan hawkers along the busy bus terminals and crowded streets. It requires relatively low capital to start and therefore, so easy to set up especially if you are in a highly populated area.

7.  Cooking or Baking Lessons

This is another venture to create employment for the youths who have gone through other related training but they are yet to secure a permanent job with bigger companies.

Passing the knowledge to interested clients at a fee would create self employment and consecutively generate a lot of income.

8. Food Processing 

This will involve huge capital investment in factories and machines that will deal with food processing units. The machinery can do variety of works including processing the yams, flours, corn, millet, milk, cassava and other locally readily available foods.

Other foods can include hamburgers and vegetable salads, which have not yet been fully introduced into the Kenyan markets.

9. Organic Foods

By and large, the organic foods are the most sought after foods because they offer a wide range of health benefits. These foods are deemed to be safe for human consumption because they are free from agro-chemicals and preservatives.

This opens up a very wide market for these kinds of foods especially in the urban centers where many people are aware of their benefits.

10. Food Retailing 

This involves buying processed food and then reselling them to clients. This usually do well especially for cakes, chapatis, bread and other snacks. In this bracket, you can also consider distributing raw foods including rice, maize flour, bean and yams.

The idea here is to acquire these foods at a wholesale price and then sell them to clients at a profit. For a better profit margin, the raw foods can be obtained directly from the farmers.

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