10 Examples of Small Businesses Doing well in Kenya

Small Scale Businesses Doing Well in KenyaThe country of Kenya is beginning to grow astronomically. It is starting to develop into a faster paced, unique country with its own needs.

There are also more job openings and opportunities to start your own small business. But what small businesses are doing well in Kenya?

Here are the top 10 small Business ideas or entrepreneurs that are doing quite well in the market.

10.  Opening your Own Barbershop
With the Growing population and the need for a more presentable appearance in both office and home, a salon or barber shop is in high demand.

9.  Investing in E-commerce
There are multiple ways of investing in e-commerce businesses online, at a selling platform or through private services.

8.  Entertainment Ventures
It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, entertainment is a necessity. Kenya is no different when it comes to this type of business. With so little to do in rural areas, you could do well in just a matter of months, if you would invest in the rural areas an entertainment business that will attracts the urban dwellers.

7.  Start a Grocery Store
Fewer people have time to grow their own food because of their day jobs. This means that more and more people are shopping at grocery stores. Starting a grocery store in Kenya is inexpensive and can make a serious change in your life.

6. Start Your Own Writing Agency
Starting your own writing agency is a very rewarding career opportunity. Given that most Kenyans speak good English, they have an increased job market compared to other countries surrounding them.

5. Start a Transportation Company
Transportation is in high demand. A lot of the country is still rural and not very many people can afford cars. Because of this, you could make some money in the transportation industry and as the job market increases, you can expect your income to rise dramatically.

4. Start a Network Marketing Firm
Network marketing is a great investment right now in Kenya. There are multiple firms that are doing this kind of  business but many of them charge prices that an average person cannot afford. Because of this, you can easily corner the market by slightly under bidding your competitors.

3. Open a School or other Educational Facility
Currently, the number of students who want to attend college has out grown the number of students colleges can accommodate. Because of this, there is a very high demand of more schools, colleges and universities.

2.  Open Your Own Daycare
Opening your own daycare is simple and easy. With more and more parents joining the workforce, they must seek out child care. There are not enough day cares in the country to accommodate all of the children in need of daycare services.

1.  Open Your Own Real Estate Company
People are moving to the more populated areas of the country and because of this, there is a massive need for real estate companies to help tenants fill up rental houses in both areas. Opening a real estate company is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to venture in this kind of business with minimal investment.

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