10 Best Websites to Sell Your Stuffs in Kenya

10 Best Websites to Sell your Stuffs in KenyaBuying and selling products online in Kenya was not a popular thing until recently. Unlike in the past, nowadays, there are many websites where anyone in Kenya can sell their products and make profit out of it.

Some of these websites are owned by companies and open to everyone to post their products while others are individual online stores limited to the owner products. For those who want to sell new or used products, here are the 10 Best Websites to Sell your items for a profit in Kenya:

1.  OLX
This is an international company that can be accessed through the olx.co.ke in Kenya. Users can post their advertisements for items, goods and services. It is popular for buying and selling of house hold items, cars, electronics, jobs listings and services.

Recently, it has be said to be the leading free advert listing website in Kenya with thousand of products listed weekly. Although there are no online transactions carried out through the platform, the company has made effort to top the list by ensuring that the website gets enough airplay on local media. The buyer and seller have to meet and trade physically.

2.   Pigiame
Basically, the term describes the websites, Pigiame, meaning get in contact with me. Pigiame.co.ke has been around for about a year now and is yet another popular trading website in Kenya.

Buyers and Sellers advertise their goods and services on the platform. People browsing the adverts contact the property owner in case they are interested. Like olx, Pigiame is free for users to list their products.

3.  Jumia
Jumia has been one of the successful online market place in Kenya. This website has products listing from the company and there are online payment options plus free delivery services within Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

The company has also introduced a section where other people can sell their products through the same website. But the company collects payment ensuring that seller get access to their money after they deliver the product to the customer. This feature protects both the buyer and the seller making it a safe online trading platform.

4.  Property24
At Property24.co.ke, traders specialize on properties only. Most adverts are houses, apartments, flats or estates on sale or for lent. The company lists properties for individuals and agents.

As an online trading website, the seller uploads photos for their property plus their contacts, then interested buyer contacts them for a deal. It is simple to use and those who sell and rent properties make profit through it.

5.  Biashara
Biashara.co.ke is a free advertising website. Anyone can post their products on the platform for buyers to find it. As a seller, you need to register on the website before listing products and services. It has similarities with Olx and Pigiame. Although it is not that popular anyone looking for a free website to sell for profits can try it.

6.  Kilakitu
The website literary means selling and buying anything possible. Sellers post their products for free and no registration is required. However, if you are a regular seller on the website, it is recommended that you register so that customers can easily identify and contact you easily. The website generates revenue by running paid advertisements.

7.  Bid or buy
BidorBuy is another online market place where anyone can post their products and then customers can bid or can use the buy now option. Bidorbuy is an advanced online store where sellers register and post their products for free.

Transactions are carried out online and delivery of products arranged between the seller and buyer. It has an advantage in that it runs an affiliate program where anybody who refers customers to the website earns a commission for every sale.

8. Ticketsasa.com
This is the most popular website that sells exclusive tickets in Kenya. For those holding events, theater plays, or any event that require tickets, Ticketsasa simplifies that. Users post their events and price per ticket.

Once posted, the participants can then access the online market platform and make their purchase. Selling tickets is usually an easy and a profitable method since the website can be accessed from any internet device.

9.  Rupu.co.ke
Rupu has existed in Kenya for a while. The company lists goods and hot deals on their market place. Recently, they started listing other services like car hire. They also do offer delivery services to customers. This makes it easy for individual and companies to sell their products and services through Rupu.

10.  nSoko Deals
nSokoDeals is owned by the Daily Nation, one of the leading media companies in Kenya. Anybody can register and post their property on the website. It is popular with real-estate and job listings.

In addition, if you are looking for a way to send traffic to your listed property, this website is a good place to get started. Registering and posting adverts on the website is free.

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