10 Best Ways to Invest Money in 2015

10 Best Ways to Invest Money in 2015Making more money is everyone’s goal, and investing is one of the best ways to get more returns in your basket. However, not every investment is worth investing your hard earned money, and this begs the question; What are the 10 best ways to invest money in 2015?

1. Technology – Investing money in technology is one best way that you won’t live to regret. With the growing technology in the world, putting your dollars in it is a sure way you shall have good returns.

More companies and firms are spending a considerable sum of money in technology due to competition in the market. One Charlie Morris has been quoted saying that the tech sector is something to look into as investors see growth opportunities there.

2. Indian Markets – If you are an international investor and wish to expand your portfolio, invest your money in the Indian market. Though the Indian market has been under-performing, thanks to political struggles and high inflation rates since 2010, this rate has fallen drastically from 11% to 5.5% hence providing a safe market.

Its growth rate is also projected to be at 6.4% this 2015. And who won’t like to invest in such an economy?

3. Currency Trading – In trading with currencies, the US dollar continues to be strong and an area worth investing your money in 2015. Whenever other currencies weaken across the globe, investing in dollar exchange won’t disappoint you this year.

As the history has had it, whenever there has been a crisis in other areas across the world, it always leads to a rise of US dollar against other currencies. So, if your investment habit is trading with currencies, then investing in US dollars is one of investment that you should consider in 2015.

4. Creating Products or Service – Another best way to invest your money in 2015 is investing it in the things that you know best and you are good at them. You could earn a good return if you invested your money on a thing that you are certain.

Don’t rush into putting your money on a promise made to you that you are likely to make a quick return. Investor Warren Buffett refers to it as keeping it simple and stop swinging for the fences.

5. Film Industries – With the world aiming at going digital very soon, this will provide a more market in terms of audience. Therefore, another way of investing your money in 2015 is investing in the film industry.

The film industry is set for more growth with the digital platform and as the entertainment industry grows, I am sure making an investment here won’t disappoint you. It also has less risk as compared to stocks market.

6. Insurance Policies – In 2015, invest your money in a life insurance policy. No one is so sure about the future and what it have in store for us. With a retirement coming your way when you are of age, investing in a life insurance policy assures you of getting some payments in the future.

Planning for any eventuality, as well as your old age, provide a sound investment for your money in 2015.

7. Real Estates – With the growing population of the world which has now hit over seven billion, it has provided an excellent opportunity for anyone to invest in real estate in 2015.

Real estate investment provides an assured return on your investment. Invest your money in either buying houses and refurbishing them and selling them at a high price or better still turning them into rental houses. With the growing population, there will always be a need for more houses in the world.

8. Stock Markets – With the correct information and armed with the right advice, investing your money in the stock market in 2015 can’t be a bad idea. However, you should ensure you have gathered all the necessary information about the stock in which to invest in.

Once you have right information about the stock market, the market is worth investing and will give you a real return.

9. Globally – In 2015, think of investing your money by spreading your portfolio. In case you don’t trust the home market and its potential to give you a real return, think of the global picture.

The world has come near, and other parts of the world are likely to offer a better market for investment. With such a diversified investment, it helps one to hedge them against any loss.

10. Fashion Industries – Another way of putting your money to work for you is in the fashion industry. It’s an industry that is promising to bring good news to any investor who takes the risk. Fashion industry goes parallel with the entertainment industry and an investment in designing the best arts and fashion for the celebrities is worth going for in 2015.

Lastly but not the least, being a significant investor calls for taking a great risk, and that is why you should also think of putting your money in metals, as well as precious stones and minerals.

Though a risky business, I would advise you start with metals because of the increased construction going on around the world. People are  building homes, government building roads and railway lines, and this is a long term trend.

People are also going an extra mile of having the best decorations for their homes, and I am sure this is also a good area to invest your money in 2015.

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