10 Best Ways Kenyan Make Money Online

10 Ways to Make Money in KenyaMost Kenyans from institutions of higher learning, current students and other die-hard freelancers are investing their time online to make money. With shrinking employment opportunities, online jobs came in handy for resourceful Kenyans who led the internet exodus a few years back.

Beginners and stranded job seekers can leverage the 10 Best Ways Kenyan Make Money Online to wring out substantial dollars:

1. Content Submission: If you are fluent in English and other languages, there are dozens of article, blog and website content writing jobs online. For security, consider reliable platforms like Elance.com, Odesk.com, Iwriter.com, hubpages.com or independent trustworthy clientele.

2. Academic Writing: Bright students are netting plethora bucks undertaking essays, dissertations and generally all types of assignments submitted online for pay. The downside of this platform is restriction on site opening while most accounts are offered for sale.

Nevertheless, academic writing generates even more dollars than typical content submission. Popular sites include Uvocorp.com, Writerbay.com, EssayShark.com, to name but a few.

3 Blogging: After gaining experience, most ghostwriting-freelancers shift to blogging to enlarge their jackpot online. Blogs entail delving into current topics and generating pertinent content that will drive traffic to the site as to earn revenue.

People interact through blogs by making comments and sharing views on social media on various platforms like Kuza Biashara Blog, Freelance Kenya Blog or Top 10 in Africa Blog.

4. Video Transcription: You may want to invest your time in converting audio files into written form. This requires a perspicacious listener and typist, but it is among the best as you can generate to as high as $25 in an hour.

5. FOREX Trading: A few people have started to invest in FOREX trading, though risky, it is a highly profitable venture if you have relevant skills and knowledge in the field. You can start with genuine sites like Windsorbrokers.com and Agea.com.

6. Web Designing: This is another job niche for those who have undergone training in website design. This is technical; however, most Computer Science, IT and engineering students are pursuing it to generate large sums of cash through website design, administration and SEO projects.

7. Affiliate Marketing: As aforementioned, writing acts as leeway for freelancers, most Kenyans abandon writing for affiliate marketing. It is intertwined with blogging, but involves the promotion and sale of third party products or services in return for a certain commission.

8. Data Entry: Freelancers are also venturing into entering or updating data from corpus documents with a keyboard, data recorder and optical scanner for companies online. It requires investment in high internet and facilities, thus, these jobs are offered by firms in Nairobi and other cities while other organizations hire skillful professionals.

9. Online Stores: With the craze ignited by the efficiency of the internet, robust sites like OLX.com, Facebook community and groups while there are other platforms specializing in the sale of cars, plots, households and much more.

10. Websites: Most businesses are finding it hard to sandbag online marketing in Kenya, albeit it’s a novel concept. Restaurants and tourist companies use the internet to promote, and operate their businesses in Kenya.

Online jobs are a fortuitous chance for Kenyans; some are making millions by acting as middlemen outsourcing projects for amateur writers. Other professionals like journalists, IT experts, and Computer Engineers and telecommunication gurus are tapping into six-figure freelancing projects online.

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