10 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in Kenya

10 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in KenyaOne of the primary reason that has led to the rise of Kenyan economy is the growth of industries.

The manufacturing sector has opened its doors to new investors. Products made can be sold in the East African markets or even other global markets.

If you are thinking of starting a manufacturing company soon, we have listed below the 10 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in Kenya to make it easy for you to get started.

1. Production of Yogurt
Many Kenyans are educated thus aware of the nutritional value of yogurt. It therefore, has a broad market with more than 50% returns. Fermentation of lactose found in milk is what is needed to make yogurt. This kind of manufacturing business does not require alot of capital to start.

2. Manufacturing of Vehicle Components
Manufacturing of vehicle parts for the assemblers in Kenya is an awesome business idea. These components can either be sold domestically to meet Kenyan content requirements or exported to the large East African market. It is a lucrative business.

3. Manufacturing of Leather Belts
Both men and women need belts. You can use different colours, decorations and size to suit tastes and preferences of every customer. There are many fashion shops demanding for these belts especially in large towns such as Nairobi.

In case you need more elaborate information on the materials, market and process of making them, you can ask for help from a craft supplier.

4. Manufacture of Electrical Equipment
Electricity is now available in most parts of Kenya. Many people have installed it while others are in the process. It is obvious that electrical components are in high demand, which are either sold domestically or exported.

Examples include; capacitors, electrical fittings, transformers, circuit breakers and irrigation pumps.

5. Production of Soaps and Detergents
Soap is a necessity everyone should have/use. It’s uses are many; bathing, washing utensils, cleaning washroom, cleaning floors and others. Kenya is a civilized country hence most people if not all use it. It can either be in solid, powder or liquid form. Capital needed to start this kind of business is not much.

6. Paper Products Manufacturing
Sisal waste, bagasse waste paper and straw are some of the materials you can use to manufacturer paper. Up to date, Kenya has been importing newsprint, packaging boards among others. Establishing this kind of industry will undoubtedly attract a large market.

7. Manufacturing of Construction Materials
Real estate’s business is growing rapidly with more and more houses being built daily. There is high demand for construction materials such as cement, paints, and bricks, among others.

This is an opportunity for anyone willing to make lots of money and grow. Apart from selling domestically, these materials can also be exported to other neighbouring countries.

8. Maternity Clothes Production
You can come up with good designs, and top notch maternity wear every expectant mother would love to buy. These outfits can be sold in all parts of the country since mothers are all over.

9. Manufacture of Furniture
Everyone is obliged to buy furniture since it is impossible to survive without any. You can make furniture for school, hotels, offices, restaurants or homes. They include dining tables, office desks, classroom desks, beds, cupboards and much more.

The market for these products is vast thus an assurance of making real profits. Getting the raw materials needed is not a hard task.

10. Production of Cassava Chips
The principal raw material needed is cassava roots. The production process is easy. It is just peeling the cassava roots, cleaning, chipping them and finally drying them. Exporting them to other countries can also be a great idea to add some more income to your business.

Having acquired knowledge of the 10 best manufacturing business ideas in Kenya, it time you get started now. Get the resources needed, establish one of them and start earning.

If you lack funds to purchase an equipment needed, hire and start working immediately. With no time, you will have enough money to buy your own.

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