10 Best International Writers Websites in 2015

10 Best International Writers Websites in 2015In this economically bleak world of today, there is need to make that extra cash by all means possible. One of the ways to do so is through article writing sites.

Several of good article writing websites exist, with the list below expounding on top ten best international writers website in 2015:

Odesk – It is an online global platform that is based in San Francisco, USA, bringing together businesses and professionals. Clients post jobs free-of-charge and freelancers must bid to be accepted. If you are hired to complete a project, you are supposed to complete it within six days.

iwriter – It is an online article writing wesite that is open to members from all over the world. No pre-requirement is needed. You just have to register on the website, select your favourite topics and determine how many articles you can write in a day. Writers are ranked based on their ratings, namely; Standard, Elite and Premium. The higher the ratings, the more money you earn per project.

Demand Studios – It is a content creation site that focuses mainly on the American market but with some international interests mainly in Canada and the United Kingdom. You have to apply and wait for approval.

Once you have been approved, you can write on several topics and get paid in between $15 and $25, depending on the quality of the article.

Helium Content Source – A content generation site whereby freelancers are hired on a task-specific terms. They are then paid following a revenue-sharing model in which profits are shared out on pre-arranged percentages.

Online Writing Jobs (Quality Gal) – It is a content creation site that specializes in SEO content generation to clients. They pay an average of in between $12 to $50 per article, depending on the quality. Payments are done either through PayPal or by cheque.

Words of Worth – Is a content delivery site that primarily targets the American writers. However, it also does have a preference for International writers more so those in the United Kingdom and Canada.

How much money you earn per article depends on the length and other important parameters. However, the information regarding the payment is usually given in advance before you can start working on a project.

Internet Brands – Described as a site that operates over a hundred niche sites, which together have a combined hit of over 100 million visits. Writers must choose their preferred topics to write about, including; Health, Lifestyle, Shopping, Law, Finance, Auto, among others.

Topic Bay – Is an Israeli-based online content marketplace that enable publishers and advertisers to acquire unique contents. Writers need to submit their portfolio to the publishers inorder for them to get hired or to get paid.

Quality Text – It is an article writing website that enable writers from all over the world to select topics of their interest and to determine the number of articles they wish to write in a day.

You can work at your own pace and determine how much money you want to earn, depending on your availability. They pay $4 for U.S writers and $3 for non-US writers.

The News Hub – This is a new invite only platform where writers are given the freedom to write articles on whatever topics they want, whenever they want and get paid. In order to receive a payment, a writer’s content must be featured within the top 10%, based on the number of page views and up-votes.

Here you have our top 10 Best International Writers Websites in 2015. You can visit any of the listed websites to learn more and to register for a new writer’s account.

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