10 Best International Survey Websites

10 Paid International Survey WebsitesThere are online survey companies that are open to international members and a few of them are discussed on this article. These companies include;

1. GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket’s is a very popular website that is open to members from all over the world. To be able to participate on this website, you must be 14 years and above. However, even if you are under 14 years, you can still get a chance to answer a survey through your guardian or parents.

You do not earn cash but instead, you earn market-points. Every market point is equivalent to $0.05. You will get paid when you reach 1000 points, which is equivalent to $50. Payment are done through cheque.

2. Brand Institute

Brand Institute is one of the leading market research company dedicated to innovative and strategic development of brand identity and naming solutions.

They are very active in the healthcare sector. Their surveys are geared towards helping in naming and development of new healthcare, drugs as well as other products.

Generally, they pay very well with payment ranging in between $10 – $30 per survey. They are available worldwide and in different languages. You can receive your cash through cheque or PayPal.

3. Opinion Survey

Panelists can influence the services and products of tomorrow through opinion survey. They invite people to participate in surveys in fields that are vital to them such as health, travel, entertainment and so on. You can also win great prizes of up to $50,000, depending on your country.

4. E-Research-Global

E-Research-Global accept participants from all over the world. You need to be at least sixteen years and above to join. You get paid via PayPal after 2 weeks.

5. MyView

You get invited to participate in a paid survey based on your demographic profile. After completing a survey, you are rewarded with points, which you can redeem later through your visa cards, as amazon gift cards, among others.

6. Survey Savvy

You get paid $3 for any survey that you complete. You can also earn cash when you refer a new member. There is no limit on the number of referrals. You can refer as many referrals as you can and you will get paid a certain percentage for each survey they complete.

7. Consumerlink

Consumerlink is found in over 20 countries. Payment per survey differs depending on the country. For example, In USA, you get paid in between $5 to $50 per group discussion or survey. In Spain, you get Turys – an incentive program.

8. PollBuzzer

PollBuzzer pay their members $1 for every question answered. Every time you answer a question, your account will be credited with $1 once the answering time expires. You can receive your cash through PayPal or even donate it to a charity or NGO.

9. Spidermetrix

Spidermetrix is market research company based in Australia where you can get paid for answering survey questions. Participants are known as spiders and they earn spider points, which they can redeemed as cash via PayPal or cheque.

10. Ciao

Ciao is one of the most active survey websites in the world. The total amount of money you earn per survey depends on your geographical region and the length of the survey. You also get an entry to their monthly draws for every survey you take.

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