10 Best Highest Paying Companies in Kenya

Highest Paying Companies in KenyaWith the high cost of living, high levels of unemployment and other factors not forgetting the ever rising political temperatures in this country, finding a job has become a nightmare for most people.

Each and every year, thousands of graduates are being released from learning institutions to the job market in Kenya. It’s estimated that around twenty three to thirty thousands graduates are released from universities and colleges. However, the job market is not expanding, and these people have to compete with the experienced ones in the market.

For the green ones on the market, finding a job in the highest paying companies in Kenya becomes hectic. So, which are some of these companies that are considered to be the best most top paying companies in Kenya?

Though the criteria used may vary from company to company in reference to the working environment, we are going to have our argument based on the salaries for this. Some of the companies listed here have as well been recognized to be the best by international firms.

1. East Africa Breweries Ltd is a beer manufacturer that has over the years won the company of the year award in the country. It has been understood to be one of the best companies in East Africa at large.

East Africa Breweries is among the highest paying companies and any graduate who lands a job here has an excellent starting salary.  The company employs a number of professionals in running its operations in the country and beyond.

2. Price Waterhouse Coopers is an international company and known for its expertise in auditing. It has a graduate trainee program each year that it uses to absorb graduates from the learning institutions.

The starting salary of the trainee is a good one, and once you are through with the program, you get absorbed into the firm.

3. Kenya Airways, which is known by its tag as ‘The Pride of Africa,’, has made a name for air travel; not only in Kenya but across the globe. The company continues to expand and continues to offer excellent salaries coupled with proper working conditions.

4. Safaricom Ltd is the leading mobile service provider and continues to build its name in the Kenyan market. It became the first telecommunication firm to get listed in the Nairobi Security Exchange and is now a public entity. With so many innovative projects and services, the company continues to employ graduates and other candidates so as to meet its customer needs.

5. Kenya Commercial Bank has made a name in the banking sector not only in terms of real working environment but also in terms of its presence in terms of branches. The bank has expanded to other countries in East Africa and offers lucrative jobs for people in various fields.

6. The Kenya Revenue Authority is the state-owned corporation mandated in correcting taxes in Kenya. Most people argue that it offers high salaries to its employees so as to prevent them from accepting bribes in undertaking their duties. Being a government owned makes KRA jobs even more secure besides the high salary you get started with once you enter as a graduate.

7. Bamburi Cement Company is a firm in Kenya which is known for making of one of the best cement in the country. It has been in this business for a couple of years with its main branch situated in Mombasa on the Kenyan coast. Most graduate start by internship program and later get absorbed in the company for permanent jobs that are well paying.

8. The Nation Media Group is a firm that has made a name in the printing and broadcast media as it owns a number of media houses and different publications in the country and East Africa.

Its paper, Daily Nation, has been considered as the leading newspaper in the country with nine out of every ten people alleged to be reading it. It’s well-paying jobs include being presenters, news anchors, editors marketers among others.

9. Toyota Kenya is a brand in Kenya dealing with cars and other automobiles. In the year 2012, Toyota Kenya won the COYA presentation and up to this day, it continues paying their employees very well.

10. Equity Bank Ltd has made a name in the financial sector as the bank that brought vibrant changes in the industry. It opened doors to many Kenyans to access banking services. With its 250 plus branches, the bank offers so many opportunities for Kenyans to work in and earn a living. Through its innovations and strategies, the bank continues to win global recognition.

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